Blogger vs WordPress: Which One is Better for You

There are two most popular ways to start a blog are using Blogger and WordPress. Both of them are great blogging platforms used all over the world. A blog is a great way to share your opinion with friends, hobbies, and many more. Many have even used their blogs to launch careers but before you can revel of blogging, what blogging platform are you going to use?

I only used Blogger and WordPress, So I only able to talk about this two duo. If you make a search on Google you will found too many result about advantage of Blogger vs WordPress. Now I am not going to repeat that. All I want to show the advantages of both platforms and let you choose the best one.

Blogger vs WordPress



Advantage of Blogger Platform

1. You can use your Gmail account to create a blog, no need to go through hard registration system.

2. You will get pre-installed template to customize your blog.

3. Very simple self stated environment. You don’t need any technical knowledge. Just start your blogging on go.

4. Very low downtime as it also hosted on same secure server where Google stay.

5. Very rare chance to get hacked.

6. You don’t need to buy any VPS or Server even you get million of visitor/day.

7. Free domain mapping, so you can use your own domain in place of without losing your visitor and without investing money for technical issue.

8. Blogger free blogging platform but very limitation.


Advantage of WordPress Platform

1. You can customize the whole look of your site using free or paid theme.

2. You can give extra power to your blog using plugin.

3. You can get extra control on your article by using plugin and can SEO it easily.

4. You can give your blog a CMS power by using proper themes and plugin.

5. Easy to control advertise and affiliate system.

6. Easy to block spammer and  unwanted referrer.

7. One click installation and auto update.


There are much more to say but I think this advantage list is enough to decide your best platform.

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How to Choose an Effective Domain Name

As I suggested earlier, if you new and don’t have good knowledge on blogging then start with free blog host like They provide free subdomain which help you to introduce yourself to blogosphere. However, as soon as you get serious you need to show your professionalism and the first step should be an own domain.

Buying or choosing an effective domain name for your blog always need some research. A domain is most valuable equipment of your blog, so it need some care. Here I am trying to share some most important common ideas to choose an effective domain name.



8 Strategies to Choose an Effective Domain Name

1. Brainstorm with Keyword

When you first start to think about buying a domain, on that moment you will make some personal choice. Let’s write down those choices. Your choice must fit your blog type for instance if you writing about mobile then you can’t think a keyword like ‘flower’. Now add prefix and suffix to your keyword and search it. Try to minimize domain length when you searching.


2. Make it Simple

Choose a domain which is easy to remember and can’t be misspelt. Like if you buy a domain name ‘’ that can easily misspelt ‘’. You should take care of this.


3. Make it short

A shorter name is better to remember and also good for offline uses e.g. in business card. It is also easy to type and save time.


4. Hyphen and Number

It is good idea to stay away from hyphen and number. This is the first lesson, I learned after buying my first domain. It will make your domain look more professional and if you thinking about domain sale business then this is  a must follow rule. You should also avoid number if you don’t really need that as it is confusing to remember.


5. Brand it with content

Your domain name must tell other about your content. Take this blog domain, when somebody here this domain name, they will understand it is a site which share blog related tips. That’s why branding is important.


6. Avoid big names

Don’t try to register a domain which is related to another branded site e.g. don’t register a domain like or because it’s related to or and people easily type that instead of your site address, so you will lose some visitors.


7. Stay away from copyrighted words

There are some words which are copyrighted so you can’t use it e.g. gif is a copyrighted word, that’s why you can’t use it as suffix or prefix. You can see copyrighted information here.


8. Choose .Com if available

People remember .Com much than any other domain extension. So if you have a domain name, you allowing your visitor to go So always buy .Com domain if available along with your selected one.

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Tips for Beginners Before Starting a Blog

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of spreading information. If you thinking to make a blog then it’s better to rethink it. The first think you need to know, why you are blogging? If it only for fun and show up then you don’t really need a strategy but if you are serious about it then it’s better to make some strategy.

I am not going to overload your brain with lot of talk. Just advising some simple step, what I miss earlier stage of my blogging career. Learn more How to Start a Blog – Beginner to Advance Guide. Seven things to know before starting a blog.



7 Tips for Beginners Before Starting a Blog

1. Understand your niche

The first think you need to discover is your interest. If you don’t have interest on mobile then don’t try to create a blog on it just because it’s profitable. Every niche has their own value, you manage it well then people will care about it.


2. Blogging Platform

This is the next question will arrive on your mind. There are many platforms available for blogging like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and so on. Check now best blog platform to start a blog. If you want a cost effective way then my advise is start with blogger and then when you get success then turn to WordPress.


3. Own Hosted WordPress

WordPress is the most widely use blogging environment. It has many plugin to customize it which is free like WordPress. If you choose WordPress over Blogger then this will be the next question you going to face. It is always better to have an own hosted blog but if you don’t have money then go to to register a free blog.


4. Buy Own Domain

Own Domain always give touch of professionalism however you can go with free sub-domain or domain (visit if your budget is low. I will discuss the domain choosing factors later.


5. Effective Title

You should choose an effective title for your blog so that it will easy searchable on search engine like Google. You should choose good keywords for this purpose. I will discuss about keyword more on my upcoming post surely.


6. Similar Niche Blog

Tracking similar blog not only increase your knowledge but also help your future plan. It’s better to track them via RSS. Why? Will discuss it later.


7. Logo and Theme

The next step is, create a logo for your blog to give it professional touch. Their are many free logo program available which will help you create a free logo online. You can search it on Google or wait for my article on it. Theme also decides how many visitors will return.

A good light weight theme always encourage user to revisit your site if you have good content where a slow site have less visitor as there are many other places where they can found similar content.

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Advantages of own WordPress Blog Hosting

If you choose WordPress then is it going to be good idea to host it yourself or depend on other? I think it will be better to talk about advantages of both service. It’s now on you, which you going to choose. After choosing hosting, this will be most important part. Most of the hosting provider this day come with auto-script installer like Fantastico or QuickInstall or Softaculous Installer script.

Whichever you choose, always check the latest version. You can update your WordPress from your dashboard when update option shown there. Updated version is necessary for security. See another article how to install WordPress on HostGator using QuickInstall script installer.



Advantage of own WordPress hosting

1. You can modify your themes without paying anyone.

2. You can upload any quantity of images without paying special fees.

3. You can use your own domain without paying anyone.

4. You can use any theme, you don’t need to depend on given theme as web have a huge collection of beautiful WordPress theme.

5. Can install any plugin to fulfill your purpose, don’t need to depend on pre-installed plugins.

6. You can take your own database backup without depending on others.

7. You can make your own rule on advertisement don’t need to follow others rule.

8. You will get more control over your contents.



Advantage of WordPress host

1. You don’t need to mess with any installation process, just register and get a blog instantly.

2. 100 of pre-installed theme, just choose your desire. You don’t need to hunt over the net for a good theme.

3. Pre-installed plugins help you to work with WordPress. You don’t need to upload it and install it.

4. Good support stuffs always available.

5. Don’t need to update your blog software, the service provider will handle it.

6. Don’t need to think about security issue, the service provider handle all this.

7. Don’t need to pay for hosting.

8. Easy traffic for your blog network.



Install WordPress on your web-space?

All these scripts are self stated so I am not going to instruct you again about it. Now if you going to install it yourself then all you need to do is upload WordPress on your web-space, then create a database using given database creation tool on your hosting control panel then rename wp-configs-sample.php to wp-configs.php and edit it with your database information.

The WordPress zip file come with readme.html file which help you in your installation process. Its really take less than 5 minute to install a WordPress blog.

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Making Money Through Blogging for Beginners

What’s the biggest obstacle that’s standing in your way of making money thorough blogging online right now? If you stop to think about it, you can come up with some barriers that might be blocking your way to a successful future.

Success doesn’t happen with a little bit of luck and a hateful of hope though. You need to focus on your plan, you need to work hard, and you need to be consistent. Everyone in the world of Internet marketing will say that it’s an easy way to make money online.

The truth of the matter is that it does require work. In fact, the harder people work, the luckier you they seem to get! And we all know what propelled those people to their success. Drive and focus with a solid plan in place when they started.


You can make money online blogging and you will be able to make money quicker than you would with many other business ventures. How much you make though will be mainly down to the amount of time and effort to put into it.

In my opinion the best method is affiliate marketing through blogging. Many marketers are looking for a simple one click secret to success, something automated that will do all the work for them. I know that people are looking for these secrets because it’s something I’ve done and as a result, I have many paid courses lying around the office that I never finished because they didn’t offer what I needed.

The best way to start making money online is to first find your niche. A quick look around the web will show you countless niches and opportunities. Some people choose to focus on sports and fitness supplements. Others may focus on certain ways to make money online, photography, technology or dating. Unless you have a niche in mind, I first decide on which products or services to promote while checking there is a demand for them.

I’ve always been told to stick to something you are passionate about or have an interested in. The best advice I can offer would be to always offer something that people actually need. Choose something that will make them feel better about themselves, improve the way they look, help them to progress in their lives or solve a problem.

Doing the research to find the right niche for your products or services is fundamental, before you put time and effort into building your blog. There is specialist keyword software and online applications I use to ensure people are searching for what I will be promoting, but more on that later. One of the simplest way is to visit your other sites in your niche, if they are advertising the same or similar products this is normally a strong indication you are on the right track.


Just because you are an affiliate it doesn’t mean that people will suddenly, and miraculously, find your website and start visiting and buying through your affiliate links.

How are they even going to find your site with the countless millions of other sites out there? You need to be able to direct them to the products you have in your niche, and the best way to do that is to provide them with information that they can actually use.

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your affiliate links. You may even want to start a blog in your niche before you start your affiliate marketing.

Building a base of visitors who come to your blog site regularly is a great way to find customers. Make sure that the content on your site relates to your specific niche though. If you have a focused blog with quality information, as well as links to your affiliates, you have a much better chance of making sales.

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